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Heidi Duminy

I'm a Cape Wine Master who loves wine, lives wine, works wine, thinks wine, tastes wine, drinks wine, teaches wine, writes wine, markets wine, judges wine ....
Meridian Wine Merchants. South Africa. Marketing Manager
HeidiVine Communications. South Africa. Wine Communications specialist
RGBC. South Africa. Moet Hennessy Trade Marketing Manager
DGB (Pty) Ltd. South Africa. Group Communications Manager
Wine tasting presentations
Wine copywriter
Wine communications specialist
Wine marketing
Wine events
Wine entertainment
Champagne & Sparkling wine specialist
Keynote speaking and corporate tastings
South African Wine Expert
Cap Classique Expert
I'm a Cape Wine Master who loves wine, lives wine, works wine, thinks wine, tastes wine, drinks wine, teaches wine, writes wine, markets wine, judges wine ....
My wine life was awakened at Hotel School and my journey has been exciting and enlightening. A high point was achieving my Cape Wine Master qualification.
Heidi Duminy
Heidi Duminy
South Africa

Meridian Wine Merchants
Cape Wine Master

My unabated mission and passion is to bring wine and spirits to life through words, quality public relations and communications, training and education, tasting entertainment, bespoke marketing and special events

Working as a chef in London and South Africa, I sniffed, swirled and sipped my way through the Cape Wine Academy and fatefully found herself employed as Wine Public Relations Officer at DGB, South Africa’s largest independent wine and spirit producer. 

It did not take long to lose myself to their globally successful wine brands including Bellingham, Douglas Green and Boschendal that I had the privilege of writing about, pouring and presenting as Group Communications Manager for local and International markets. 

Sharing the stories, living the legends and experiencing the good gifts of our unique Cape terroir affected endless intrigue and inspired my Cape Wine Master Qualification in 2004 with my dissertation on “Modern Ecological Wine Grape Production”

But it was that famous Yellow Widow, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin that captured my imagination and stole my heart, making me a confirmed champagne fanatic both professionally and privately. After a happy decade as Public Relations Officer and then Brand Manager for Veuve Clicquot and Krug champagne in South Africa, I joined the Moët Hennessy (LVMH) team as Trade Marketing Manager. 

Building world class brands including Moёt & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon, Krug, Ruinart Champagnes as well as Hennessy Cognac, Glenmorangie Malts and Belvedere Vodka in the on and off trade market as well as wide consumer relationship management exposure propelled me into the upper echelons of luxury marketing, providing invaluable experience and networking opportunities.

Yet all the while, lurking in my deepest conscious is my patriotic palate and calling to advocate the unique and exceptional qualities that wines from South Africa have to offer. This was the seed that blossomed as HeidiVine Communications. 

HeidiVine Communications offers extensive copywriting services with particular focus on digital mediums, in addition to regular freelance features.