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Ryan Taylor

Wine is history in a bottle. Enjoying and teaching that history affects the present.
Court of Master Sommeliers . Level 2 Certified Sommelier
The Hidden Vine. San Francisco, CA. Manager
Tasting Room Del Mar. Del Mar, CA. Owner/Manager
Inventory Management
Tasting Room
Wine Club/Direct to Consumer
Wine and Food Pairing
Wine Retail
Wine Service- Bar or Wine Bar
Wine Service- Management
Wine Service- Restaurant
Wine is history in a bottle. Enjoying and teaching that history affects the present.
The GM at my first floor manager position at Restaurant LuLu in San Francisco, taught me my first knowledge about wine. He encouraged me to take the Intro Course and Exam with the Court of Master Sommeliers. After that, everything fell into place. I started studying daily and prepped to take the Certified Exam ASAP, which i passed on first attempt in December of 2017.
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor
San Francisco
United States

The Hidden Vine

I started attending SFSU in 2010. I was fortunate enough to have my family pay for my tuition and room & boarding costs in the dorms as well as throughout my college career. However, they were not going to pay for my recreational expenses. So, I needed a job, There was a mall close by campus called Stonestown Mall. I applied at the well-known Tex-Mex restaurant, Chevys. That was when I entered the world of restaurants. I moved on to the more up-scale Palomino, after which I decided to go down the manager path, where I found myself at Restaurant LuLu. It was at LuLu that I discovered my passion for wine. I studied hard, did blind tastings with my GM, and eventually was encouraged to join the Court of Master Sommeliers. I passed my Intro Course and Exam in August of 2016, and then passed the Certified Exam in December of 2017. Currently, I am studying to prepare for the Advanced Course, which I plan to apply to attend in 2019. After LuLu, I went on to Tasting Room Del Mar in Del Mar, CA as an owner and manager. It was a short-lived project, but the execution was spot-on. After it closed, mostly to a location issue, I returned to San Francisco and joined The Hidden Vine Wine Bar where I currently work as a manager. Being my favorite job of my career so far, I taste wines from all over the world, expand my pallet, and test my strength in the world of wine on a daily basis.  It is here i plan to grow and prepare myself for the upcoming Advanced Sommelier Course and Exam given by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Cheers.